1910 Jack's Manual by J A Grohusko

BOWL OF EGG NOGG. (For parties.)

lb. of sugar


Yolks should be separated.

Beat yolks with sugar

10 eggs.

until dissolved. Pour in I pt. Martell brandy

i wine-glass of Jamaica rum 3 qts. of rich milk. Mix ingredients well with a ladle and stir continually while pouring in milk, to prevent from curdling. Then beat whites of eggs and put on top of mixture. Serve. BRANDY BURNED WITH PEACH. (Use small bar glass.) i wine glass of brandy J tablespoon sugpar Burn brandy and sugar together in a saucer. Place 2 or 3 slices dried peach in a hot stem glass; pour the burned liquid over it; grate a little nutmeg over it and serve. This is a Southern concoction. BRANDY CHAMPRELLE. (Use sherry glass.) 25% Curacao 25% Chartreuse 25% Anisette 25% Kirschwasser or brandy 2 dashes of Angostura bitters. Attention should be paid to prevent from mixing. BRANDY COCKTAIL.

1 dash Angostura bitters 100% brandy 1 glass cracked ice. Stir, strain and serve.


25% of Maraschino 75% brandy

Juice of one lemon Fill glass with ice. Shake, strain in glass, and trim with fruit in season. BRANDY DAISY.

teaspoonful sugar


lemon orange

Juice I



Juice h lime 25% raspberry syrup 75% brandy Fill glass with cracked ice. Shake and strain.

Fill with fizz water and serve.


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