1912 Hoffman House Bartender's Guide by Charley Mahoney

Jersey Cocktail.

Use large bar glass. Take one teaspoonful of fine white sugar. Two dashes of bitters. Three or four lumps of ice. Fill tumbler with cider, mix well with a spoon, and remove the ice before serving.

Old Tom Gin Cocktail.

Use small bar glass.

Fill glass with shaved ice. Three or four dashes gum syrup. One or two dashes Angostura or Boker's bitters. One or two dashes Curacoa. One wine-glass Old Tom gin. Stir well, strain, twist a piece of lemon peel on top. Serve.

Saratoga Cocktail.

Use large bar glass. One-half glass of shaved ice. . Two dashes pineapple syrup. Two dashes bitters. Two dashes Maraschino. Three-quarters glass old brandy.

Mix with bar spoon, and after straining put a couple of strawberries on top, twist a piece of lemon peel, and top with one squirt of champagne.


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