1930 Prohibition Punches A book of Beverage by Roxan B. Doran



tion beside the First Lady on the knoll beneath a shady tree. More gold braid flashed from the uniform of the President's own aide, standing at his elbow to present the guests. And mingling in the colorful throng-the khaki uniforms of wounded soldiers, in whose honor, perhaps, this party is given. Each greets bis Commander-in– Ohief, receives a smile and a word from the great Lady and moves off, to be served dainties and cool drinks from artistically decorated ma rquees tha t dot the landscape. Foliage and flowers waft their delicate perfume on the breeze as the May sun bangs low ove r the Virginia hills, discernible in the dista nce, mee tin g the cloudless blue of the horizon. The white pillars of the South portico rise tall and straight on the slope, forming a majestic back-drop. An exquisite scene in a surpassingly beautiful setting. One that lingers a lifetime in the mem– ory of those so fortunate as to have been a part of it. There's another picture that the present admin– istration has sketched for the first time on the South lawn-that of the intimate little gatherings held by Mrs. Herbert Hoover in a secluded corner under the shadow of the Mansion itself, often re– ferred to as her ''California garden,'' because she has had a flagstone walk laid there and arranged an informal grouping of rustic seats about a rustic table overshadowed by tall cypress trees. We can readily imagine the President's wife presiding

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