1930 Shake'Em up by Virginia Elliott and Phil D. Stong


and prompt cathartic, a hot and cold shower, and a toothbrush,take the jFollowing: Morning Glory Fizz Mix together in a highball glass, half a tea spoon of sugar, three dashes lemon juice, three dashes lime juice, three dashes Absinthe, if obtainable, otherwise Angostura Bitters, the beaten white ofone egg,a wine glass of Scotch, a lump or two of ice. Fill the mmbler with Vichy or other effervescent water, stir until cold and drink quickly. This settles the nerves and creates an appe tite, A hearty breakfast of hot cereal and bacon, or three-minute (no more) eggs and bacon, or toast and marmalade, all with hot black coffee, completes the treatment. If the case is more serious, however,a Prairie Oyster is a good kill or cure remedy. This con sists of a raw egg drowned in Worcestershire Sauce. More conservative treatment for a sour stomach, heartburn,or other unfavorable mani festations of an alimentary namre are the fol lowing: Eor hearthurn, one-half tablespoon of soda in a short tumbler of soda water. For an exceedingly hotspotatthe back of the stomach,apparently involving the spine,milk of magnesia. For a sore stomach,caused by eating too soon



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