1930 The Home Bartender's Guide and Song Book



Has Anybody Here S.een Kelly?

Ov er on Fifth llvwue, a band began to play, Ten thousand men were marchi11g for it was Saint Patrick's D ay, The "/if/earing of the Green" rang out upon the morning air, 'Tw as Kelly's favorite song, so A.farj said, "I'll find him there." She climbed upon the grand sta11d in hopes her ll-1 ike size'd see, Five lz1111dred Kellys left the ranl::s i11 answer to lzer plea: [Chorus]

.~!i.-liael Kdly wit h his swuthrart cnme from Count:>' Cork, And ben t upon a holiday, I hey landed in New York. They strolled around to see the sights, nlns, it's snd to sn.v, Poor K elly lost his li11le girl upon the Great Tf/ hit e ff/nj •, She walked uptow n jrom H ernld Square to Fo1·ty-second Street, Th e trn f]ic stopped ns she cried to th e copper 011 the bent:

Ch orus: H as anybody here sew Kelly? K E double L Y, Has anybody here seen K elly'? Have you sem him passing by .

Sure his hair is red, his eyes are blue, And he's Irish through a11d through,

H ns anybody hl!re sem K elly? Kelly from the Emerald Isle.

I I I l

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"Has Atiybody Here Seen Kelly?"

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