1936 Shaking in the 60's by Eddie Clarke

fresh with the memory ofthat pleasantinterlude in Mexico. Unfortunately one night whilst asleep he carelessly uttered "Xoctel", but he excused himself by claiming it was the name ofthe drink and not the beautiful princess. That is the end ofthe story but it could be the answer to how "Xoctel" became Cocktail. Who's to argue? The principals are not around any more. My second story dates back to the year about 1870— somewhere along the seaboard coast round 'Frisco way, where saloons and gamblingjoints were the foremost spots of entertainment. There was a lady at that time who owned a very prosperous tavern. Apart from her striking personality and equally striking figure, her other main feature of attraction was her skill at mixing a secret con coction from the various liquors ofthat day. Unfortunately the real love in her life had been thwarted. She had fallen hook,line and sinker for a young local farmer who was famed from near and far for his breeding of fighting cocks. Here was a woman scorned! And as the reader knows, no wrath is such. Thus it came to pass on one dark and stormy night that all those pre cious fighting birds mysteriously disappeared. The angry young mansearched the countrysidein vain,but hethawed a little and condescended toaccepttheinvitation to a dinner party a few nights later given by the tavern hostess for several ofher friends. Needless to mention the main course was roast chicken,and our hero unbeknowingly atesome of his own famous cockerels. The meal ended in great spirits and the guests were led into an adjoining room where, dis played on every available shelf,were bottles and bottles of the concocted blend ofliquors. The bottles were decorated with colourful arrays made from the tail feathers of the once fighting cocks. The amusement was delirious, and as the night wore on it became hilarious with constant cries


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