1939 The Gentleman's Companion volume II Beeing an Exotic Drinking Book


Pnom Penh-to Bangkok to meet ship again at Pak Nam. . . . The plane reminded us of a celery crate decorated, respectively, with an electric fan and an evinrude motor. It sputtered and died finally com– ing to rest on the Saigon River, with no chance to walk home. . . . This addition to any anthology of dampness was one remembered aftermath when back in Saigon, and muttering about the contrari– ness of fate generally. On checking we find that it is a slightly sweeter Jerusalem Between-the-Sheets, plus a nip of egg white.

Lemon juice, Yz tsp Egg white, 2 tsp or so

Cognac, l pony Dry gin, Yz pony Cointreau, Yz pony

Shake with cracked ice and serve in tall cocktail glass with stem. Garnish with cherry. Use no sugar, the cointre.~u lends sweetness.

SANTIAGO NIGHTCAP, from a STAY in SANTIAGO de CUBA, in the EARLY SPRING of 1930 .. This is another favour passed along to this field representative and wine tester by the late Senor Facuno Bacardi, it being his primary thought to donate something to woo sleep and restore the slightly frayed physical assembly. It is a simple drink, and would also make a fine picker-upper.... Take l)iz jiggers of Gold Seal Bacardi rum, add l pony of orange curac;:ao and the yolk of l egg. Shake hard with cracked ice and strain into a large saucer champagne glass. THE SEPTEMBER MORN, FmsT DiscoVERED at the INGLE– TERRE BAR in HAVANA, CuBA, in the MoNTH of JANUARY 1926 This is simply the famous Clover Club, as mixed originally at the Belleview Stratford in pre-prohibition times, only instead of being based on dry gin, it employs the rounder, less pungent foundation of Bacardi rum. At the Polo Club, in Manila, the September Morn has in addition, Yz pony of dry French vermouth. . . . Therefore: take l)iz jiggers of Gold Seal Bacardi, Yz tsp sugar, 2 tsp of egg white, Yz pony of raspberry syrup. Grenadine may substitute, but raspberry

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