1946 The Stock Club Bar Book by Lucius Beebe

Frank Harris, the door captain, favors a "Franko-Ra":


I oz. white hacardi % oz. orange juice % oz. lemon juice tsp. of sugar Shake well. Serve in a cocktail glass.

Edward G. Johnson, a captain, urges customers on to a "Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri":

Fro~en Strawberry Daiqu.iri:

l 1h oz. Daiquiri rum l lh oz. lemon juice 3 or 4, ripe strawberries small spoonful of sugar

Serve in a champagne glass. Make in the same manner as the usual frozen Daiqu.iri in the Waring mixer. It should\ come out with a nice color.

While Arnold Sanchez, of the bar staff, assails the Gringo palates with a "South of the Border":

Sordh of the Border Longtail:

I oz. Southern Comfort 6 oz. milk 1h tsp. sugar l banana nutmeg

Serve in a Tom Collins glass. Put ingredi– ents in a fro zen Daiquiri mixer with little shaved ice for one minute.

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