1946 The Stock Club Bar Book by Lucius Beebe

And Ernest Luthi, captain, recommends a "French Daiquiri":

French Daiquiri:

% oz. lime juice % oz. bacardi rum

a little sugar dash of cassis few fresh mint leaves Shake well. Serve in a cocktail glass.

Another of Ernest's creations m considerable requisition is a


fresh lemon juice _sugar rye dash apricot brandy

Shake well. Serve in a cocktail glass. In the summer, the whole contents of the shaker may be emptied into a Tom Collins glass, filled with soda, and served as a long, re– freshing and cooling drink.

And a cure for butterflies in the stomach is offered by Fred Armour, the house manager:

% oz. lemon juice % oz. grenadine % oz. applejack % oz. gin

Butterflies Cocktail:

shaved ice Shake well and then strain. Serve in a cock– tail glass.

118: Stork Club Bar Book

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