1946 The Stock Club Bar Book by Lucius Beebe

One of the Club's favorite waiters who is simply known as "Mr. Valentine" supplies the secret of: The Swiss .Yodeler: I fresh lime I tsp. of molasses % tsp. of granulated sugar 1 % oz. bacardi rum Serve in a chilled cocktail glass. Joe Acre, the captain, persuades the customers with a "Palmetto" : Pal,metto Cocktail: % oz. cointreau % ,oz. apricot brandy 1 ~ oz. light rum % oz. lemon juice Serve in a cocktail glass. The literary tou~h is supplied by an "Arch of Triumph Cocktail" which is suggested by Lisa Lee, the Stork receptionist, inspired by the capacity for Calvados of the characters in the Remarque novel : A.rch of Triumph Cocktail: % calvados 1h lemon juice 1 tsp. sugar Stir in cocktail shaker. Shake well and serve in cocktail glass. An "Ann Sheridan Cocktaii" is the gift of Harry Kaye, the urbane waiter captain of the Cub Room: 1 I A.nn Sheridan Cocktail:

juice of half lime and leave the skin in mixer 1h oz. of orange cura!;aO % oz. white bacardi rum Shake well and serve in a cocktail glass.

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