1888 Bartender's Manual by Theodore Proulx (Revised Edition)


Steinway Punch. A punch glass with .fruit and water on the side; then take a mixin o-. a-lass put in the one-quarter of a - b b ' lemon , two lumps of sugar, about a jigge r and a half of apollinaris water, squeeze the whole together, then fill the glass half full of ice, one jigger of whisky, stir and strain in the prepared g lass. Sour Whisky. Sour vVhisky is made with a little lemon-juice in a bar glass, and the customer pours out his own liquor. ·Serve with water on the side. Soda Cocktail. This is made in an ale g lass, which is a tall and thin glass. Put in a piece of lemon peel, a little bitters, t easpoonful of sugar, one bottle of soda pop; stir to make a fizz. Stew. Is a hot drink of a ny kind. It is made by adding a piece of butter t o it and some spices. A hot claret made this way makes a very pleasant drink. Silver Sour and Golden Sou:r. I s made like a Silver Fizz or Golden Fizz without the seltzer. Soda Nectar. In a soda g lass the juice of half a lemon, one– half tablespoonful of sugar and a teaspoonful of

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