1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



''Drink, for you know not Whence you came, nor why; Drink, for y ou know not why You go, nor whence.'' * ' 'We come into tbis world all naked a nd bar e; We go through this world full of sor– row and car e ; We go out of t his world, we know not wher e, But if we're good f ellows h ere we'll be thoroughbreds there. " * ''Here is to t ho lawyer-a learned gentleman, who r escues your e. tate from your enemies, a nd k eeps it him– self . '' * Here's to the press, the pulpit, and the petticoat, t he thr ee ruling powers , of the day. The :first spr eads knowledge, the second spr eads morals, and the third spr eads considerably. * · "Fill the bumper fair! Every drop we sprinkle 0 'er t he brow of car e Smooths away a wrinkle. * Ther e is room in t he h alls of pleasme, For a long and lordly t rain; But one by one wo must a ll :file on T hrough the narrow aisles of pain. * "Then wreathe the bowl With flowers of soul The brightest w it can' :find us; We'll take a flight Towards h eaven to-n ight Anti leave dull eart h b ehiud us. ''

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