1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



T heir whiteness on the sea, Nor time, nor tide, nor death shall bring Forgetfulness to me!'' * TOAST TO HOPE. ' 'Here's to the young bird of Hope, with its plumage of Truth, That flits in the noontide of life 's e:trly spring ; It hath a season so brief in the gar- d ens of youth . That flowers but once feel the rush of its wings. '' * TOAST TO THE POLITICIAN. ' ' If a n ation hath not goodness then it never can be grea.t, For there's nothing like to v irtue iu the b uilding of a state.'' * Here's to y ou, my clear, Auel to the dear who's not here, my dear; But if the clear who ' s not here my clear, Were her e, my clear, I 'cl not b e drinking to you, dear, that 's clear. * TOAST TO THE AMERICAN NAVY. Every time our navy sinks The enemy 's ships, fill 11p the drinks. * ''My r espects, sir. '' .. "Happy, happy, happy pair; None but the brave, none but the brave, None bi1t the brave deserve the fair. "

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