1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

HOW TO :MIX THEM 57 ing vessel, k eeping the bowl always well filled. Serve in champagn e glas~es, dipping out with a ladle and us~ng care not to wet the outside of servrng glass. If servecl at a private family r ecep– tion, provide a supply of punch cup_s with hanclles :rnCL pla ce them bounti– fully around the punch bowls wherever the bowls may bo Clistributecl through– out t he enter tainment r ooms, , so that the guests may help themselves with a ladle into drinking cups. The hostess or her butler will see that the t able, napkins, cups, etc., ar e k ept in n eat condition during t he reception. Punch, Holiday No. 2 (10 gallon mix– ture f or 200 people) . Prepar e this punch according to t he directions given for Holiday Punch No. 1. Sugar, 5 lbs. cut loaf. Pineapple, 4 cans. Oranges, 48 sliced. Lemons, 24, sliced. Abricotine, 1 quart bottle. Catawba wine, 1h dry, 1h sweet, 7 gallons. Claret wine, 2 gallons. Brandy, 1 gallon. , ' Punch, Holiday No. 3 (5 gallon mixture for 100 people). Prepare this punch according to directions given for Holiday Punch No. 1, omitting sugar, the wine making the mixture sweet enough. Pineapple, 2 cans. Oranges, 24, sliced. L emons, 12, sliced. J amaica rum, 1 pint. Abricotine, 1 pine. ·Curacoa, 1 pint. Tokay or Sweet Catawba, 4 gallons.



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