1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



will be found by consulting the In– dented Marginal Index. Absinthe Served in American Style. Finely shaved i ce, %, glass. Gum syrup, 4 dashes. Absinthe, 1 pony. vVater, 2 wineglasses. Shake until sha k er i s frosted and strain in large champagne glass.

Absinthe Served in French Style (or dripped). Absinthe, 1 pony gl ass. F ill the bowl of the absinthe glass (which has a bole in the center) w ith shaved ice and the rest with water. Ra ise the bowl and allow contents to drip into the glass containing the ab– sin t he until the color indicates a suf– ficiency. Ser ve in thin bar glass. Absinthe Served in Italian Style. Use lar ge b ar glass. Absinthe, 1 pony.


1; racked ice, 3 pieces. Maraschino, 3 dashes.

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