1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

CHOICE RECIPES 85 fuls of ground ginger and boil 3 hours longer. Strain. Brown a loaf of bread deeply, pound it fin e ancl a clcl to liquor, and when n early cold put iu a pint of brewers' yeast and let it ferment 36 hours. Draw off into a keg or bottles. Beer, L emon. Water, 1 gallon. L emon, 1 sliced. Ground ginger, 1 tablespoonful. Sugar house syrup, 1 pint. Yeast, 11! pint. Mix well and let it staucl for 24 hours and it will be ready for use. Beer, Root.

Yellow clock, 1 oz. ·winter green, 1 oz.

Sassafras, 1 oz. Allspice, 1 oz. Coriancler, lh oz. Wild cherry bark, 11! oz. Hops, l;i oz. Molasses, 3 quarts.

Pour ou boiling water and let stand for 24 hours; strain and a dd 11! pint yeast. In 24 hours mor e it can b e usetl. Beer, Sarsaparilla. Compoun d extract of sarsaparilla, 1% oz. Water, l lf.! pints. Infuse ancl when cold add 1 gall on of good root b eer. BITTERS, HOW TO MAKE IN BULK OR FOR BOTTLING. Bitters, Angostura. Angcistura bark, 4 oz.

Chamomile flowers, 1 oz. Cardamom seeds, lA, oz. Cinnamon bark, lj~ oz. Raisins, 1 lb.

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