1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe

88 CHOICE RECIPES and let it r emain quietly for 48 hours; then add the wine a ncl stir well da ily for 10 days. . P ress an cl filt er ancT t he mixture wil l b e ready for use. Bitters, Wine. Orange, bitfer, 1 thin peel.

Lemon, 1 t hin peel. Sherry wine, 3 oz. ·water, 2 oz. Infu se. Bitters, Wormwood.

Oil of carraway, 2 drops. Oil of absinthe, 2 drops. Oil of lemon, 2 drops. Extract of licorice 1 2 oz. Extract of Chamomile, % oz. Pure spirits ~60 0 . P.), 3 pints. Syrnp, 3 pints.

Wat er, sufficient to make 2 gallons. In the spirits dissolve th e oils and in some of th e water the extracts, putting both togeth er immediately and shak e hard for 5 minutes. Th en add the syrup and the balauce of the water and shake hard again. L et the mix – ture stand 10 clays (or the longer the b ett er) and th en fi lter throu gh paper. BRANDIES, FRUIT, HOW TO MAKE IN BULK. Brandy, Blackberry. Cardamom seed, ground, 1.4, oz. Cinnamon, 1 oz.

Mace,% oz. Cloves, 1h oz. Blackberry juice, 3 gallons. Alcohol, 95 per cent, 10 gallons.

White syrup, 4 oz. Water, 13 gallons. L et th e spices stand week; :filter well and components.

in the water a add the oth er · .

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