1904 Drinks as they are Mixed by Paul E Lowe



Banana Syrup. White syrup, 1 gallon. Essence of banana, 1 oz. L emon ex tra ct, 5 drops. Capilla.ire Syrup. Sugar, l oaf, 20 lbs. Wa ter, 10 pints. Acetic acid, 1 dracbm.

Dissolve sugar in water by boiling; th en add th e acetic acid and k eep mix– ture 10 minutes on the fir e ; then remo ' e and !Gt it cool; th en ~train into bottle or jar. Adel 2 tablespoons fin e sugar; boil the whole 15 minutes; strain and add 1A gill brandy. Carraway Cordial. English oil of caraway, l,4 oz. Spirits of win e 1 3112 pints (60 0. P .). Cordial spirits, 13 pints. Shake oil and spirits well together in a j ar till dissolved; then add the syrup and :fine with alum a nd t artar if r e– quired. Cinnamon. Cor dial. Oil of cinnamon, l,4 oz. Rectified spirits, 5 pints (60 0. P.). Cordial t>yrup, 10 pints. Boiling water, 4 pints. Color with burned sugar, coarse. Dissolve the coloring matter and oil in a little of the spirits, adding it to the remainder and shaking well the whol e. Then mix the boiling water and the syrup and put them in th e jar with the spirits. Fine clown with alum if necessary. Cloves Cordial. English oil of cloves, lh oz.

Rectified spirits, 5 pints. Coloring matt er, as n eeded. Cordial syrup, 11 pints.

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